Marine Lubricants

XTeer TPEO 12&15 series


XTeer TPEO 12 and 15 series of products are premium performance trunk piston engine oils designed for use in medium-speed diesel engines operating exclusively on distillate fuels.

  • Package Size
    • 200L
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  • Features/Benefits
    • 1Excellent detergency ensure excellent piston cleanliness
    • 2Exceptional thermal and oxidation stability
    • 3Good water shedding and corrosion protection properties
    • 4Anti-wear performance
    • 5Excellent BN and viscosity retention to prolong oil service life
    • 6Meets the requirements of major marine main engine manufacturers such as MAN, HiMSEN
  • Applications
    • 1medium speed engines used in marine, power generation and industrial applications
    • 2for general lubrication of shipboard equipment where specialized lubricants are not required.
  • Certification / Approval / Performance Standard
    • 1MAN certification
  • Specification
    Contact person in charge.