Marine Lubricants

XTeer SO


Hyundai XTeer SO 3005 is a premium quality, extra high performance system oil recommended for the main system lubrication of all low speed crosshead marine diesel main engines, including the new generation of cam less engines utilizing electronic control.

  • Package Size
    • 200L
    • Bulk
  • Download
    SAE 30 / BN 5 MSDS PDS
  • Features/Benefits
    • 1Excellent thermal and oxidative stability
    • 2Improved detergency to maintain crankcase cleanliness
    • 3Sufficient BN ensures protection against corrosive combustion products
    • 4Excellent stability in the presence of water and superior water separation characteristics
    • 5Rust protection from sea water ingress to protect critical bearing surfaces
    • 6Superior anti wear and load bearing capabilities to protect heavily loaded bearings and gears
    • 7Meets the requirements of major marine main engine manufacturers such as MAN
  • Applications
    • 1For crankcase lubrication in the latest highly rated low speed crosshead marine main engines
    • 2(including those employing system oil for piston cooling)
    • 3(including for older designs employing water cooled pistons)
  • Certification / Approval / Performance Standard
    • 1MAN certification
  • Specification
    Contact person in charge.