What is Additives

  • Definition

    Lubricant additives, added with base oil, are chemical compounds to enhance or supplement the performance of lubricants.

    Base Oil + Viscosity Modifier, Detergent & Dispersant, Anti-Oxidant, Anti-wear, Pour Point Depressant, Anti-foamer, Friction Modifier, Corrosion and Rust Inhibitor → Lubricant

  • Type and Function

    Types and Functions of Additives
    Type Function
    Viscosity Modifier Keeping stable viscosity in high or low temperature.
    Detergent & Dispersant Preventing sediment on the passage of lubricants and inside engine by catching contaminating materials, and decomposing soot.
    Anti-Oxidant Increasing viscosity and reducing sludge and sediment by inhibiting the chain reaction of oxidization with oxygen, nitrogen, heat etc.
    Anti-wear Preventing abrasion by friction between metals.
    Pour Point Depressant Preventing frost of wax by eduction in low temperature.
    Anti-foamer Preventing and decomposing foam in lubricants.
    Friction Modifier Improving fuel efficiency by reducing friction.
    Corrosion and Rust Inhibitor Preventing rust by acidic components arising from condensate moisture and incomplete combustion.