Since 1964, starting business as first private petroleum refining company in South Korea, Hyundai Oilbank has been working on industrial development of South Korea.


Hyundai Oilbank has worked on developing industry in South Korea by supplying petroleum products consistently since its establishment in 1964.

We have improved petroleum refining technology by introducing heavy-oil cracking facilities for the first time in South Korea in 1988. Also, we have the most efficient refining capacity in South Korea by completing #2 HOU facilities in 2011. We keep growing as a general energy company, starting #2 BTX business, lubricants business, MX business, etc.

In 2012, Hyundai Oilbank built Hyundai-Shell Base Oil plant which produces 650,000 MT of Base oil per year by joining a business with Shell. In order to respond promptly to situation in theLubricants market, we established a Lubricants laboratory in Yong-in, Kyeongki-do, South Korea. We are constantly expanding our lubricants line-up, not only for automotive and industrial lubricants market but also for aftermarket applications market like fuel additives(XTeer Alpha), Urea solution(Pronox).

Lauched as Lubricants business Headquarter in 2020, Hyundai XTeer keeps growing its business size and is prepaing for a quantum-jump by 2025, which is called as Hyundai XTeer Vision 2025. We are planning to invest in every aspect of our business for a successful achievement of the vision.


  • Refinery

    With capacity of 690,000 BD, Hyundai Oilbank is exporting petroleum products abroad and operating about 2,700 nationwide gas stations and charging stations.

  • Petrochemical

    Hyundai Chemical, an affiliate of Hyundai Oilbank(JV with Lotte chemical), presents an annual production capacity of 1,400,000 tons of MX by refining 170,000 BD of condensate. Also, Hyundai Cosmo, an affiliate of Hyundai Oilbank(JV with Cosmo Oil), presents an annual production capacity of 1,800,000 tons of Aromatic compounds(BTX) after operating #2 BTX plant.

  • Base Oil/Lubricants

    Hyundai Shell Base Oil, a joint company with Hyundai Oilbank and Shell, operates Lube Base Oil Plants with an annual production capacity of 1,000,000 tons. Hyundai Shell Base Oil produces eco-friendly lube base oil including: Group Ⅱ 70 Neutral, Group Ⅱ 150 Neutral, and Group Ⅱ 500 Neutral. Also, Hyundai Oilbank uses this Lube Base Oil as a raw mateial of XTeer Lubricants for industrial use, and for automobiles and ships, and sells XTeer to partners in 72 countries.

  • Steel Chemical

    Hyundai OCI, founded along with OCI, is for the purpose of Steel Chemistry Business. 150,000 tons of Carbon Black is produced annually using Coal Tar from coal and by-products created from crude oil refining process. Carbon Black is mainly used to make products that are essential for our daily life, such as tires, compounding agent that increases strength of rubbers or printer ink.

  • Gas/Charging

    Hyundai Oilbank Gas/Charging Station makes an effort to improve the quality of differentiated customer service with its slogan as the center, ‘Good Service Bank!’ We allocated a service expert called MD (Market Designer) nationwide to systemically manage cleanliness and quality service of gas stations and run promotions for each region including concerts, festivals and affiliate programs.


  • 2012~2022
  • 1994~2011
  • 1964~1993
  • 2022
    • 1.

      HPC(Heavy feed Petrochemical Complex) Plant in operation

  • 2021
    • 4.

      Achieved approval of Hyundai Motors genuine engine oil(Gasoline 0W20) & Supplying gasoline 0W20 engine oil

  • 2020
    • 11.

      Launched as Lubricants Business Headquarter

    • 9.

      Completed revamp of Lub-plant in Daesan

    • 5.

      Launched API SP/ILSAC GF-6 grade engine oil

  • 2019
    • 10.

      Started manufacturing Marine Lubricants

    • 9.

      Started to revamp Lub-plant in Daesan

  • 2018
    • 10.

      Completed building Lub-plant in Daesan

    • 3.

      Completed increasing production capacity of Process oil manufacturing line in Daesan plant

  • 2017
    • 10.

      Installed engine dynamometer in Lubricants laboratory

    • 7.

      Achieved approval of Hyundai Construction Equipment genuine hydraulic oil(Long-life) & Supplying genuine hydraulic oil

  • 2016
    • 12.

      Awarded Gold tower medal on Trade Day hosted by the Korea International Trade Association

    • 11.

      MX plant in operation by Hyundai Chemical

    • 2.

      Established Hyundai OCI

  • 2015
    • 10.

      Established Lubricants Laboratory

    • 6.

      Winning Korean president's prize in the field of Green management

    • 1.

      Launched Hyundai XTeer Alpha(Fuel additive)

    • 4.

      Completed building LBO plant

  • 2013
    • 9.

      Started Lubricants Business, launching "XTeer"

    • 1.

      Started building LBO plant of Hyundai-Shell Base Oil

  • 2012
    • 12.

      Awarded Silver tower medal on Trade Day hosted by the Korea International Trade Association

    • 4.

      Established Hyundai-Shell Base Oil(JV with Shell)

    • 2.

      Joined Base Oil business with Shell